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Technology: The technology behind our deliveries
Successful system integration and business process automation requires a variety of qualitative skills and knowledge around business process, industry practices and requirements, software lifecycle methodology, project planning and execution, and strategic systems release plans.  However, at its heart, system integration and business process automation is about intelligent application of information technology.

Wazee possesses deep technology skills to support delivery through small, focused, experienced teams for a rapid, low-risk approach to IT delivery.  This capability is demonstrated in the form of deep skills in common architectures and languages, partnerships and experience with proven proprietary application providers.

Over the years, Wazee has developed a large portfolio of tools, technologies and resusable architectures.  This toolkit of reusable assets enables us to deliver elegant, effective, flexible solutions to our clients in a short timeline at a reasonable cost.  Some of these tools, such as the Physhun J2EE State Machine Framework, are made available as open source projects, while others are only available to Wazee clients as part of our consulting services.
Core Competencies:
Frameworks & Tools:
Wazee Group has significant experience with the following common technologies encountered on almost any system implementation: 

AWS services including Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync, SQS, Kinesis Firehose, S3, Batch, CloudFormation, and CodePipeline

BPM solutions using Savvion SBM, Lawson Process Automation, and Infor Process Automation tools.

Workflow solutions using open source and custom engine frameworks

Multi-tiered, service oriented, and micro-services architectures

Relational database design and implementation with Snowflake, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL

Real-time and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Integration of disparate systems in a heterogeneous environment (EAI/Systems Integration)

J2EE architectures and implementation

Extensive experience in commonly implemented operating systems and languages: Unix, Windows, Linux, Java, Python, C++, PL/SQL


Wazee Group delivers rapid, low-risk, cost-effective solutions by leveraging our commercial products, as well as the following internally developed software tools and applications:

Physhun Modeler - Physhun is a framework for modeling, building and executing Finite State Models for Process Automation and Workflow in J2SE and J2EE environments.  Physhun Modeler is a tool developed by Wazee that allows business analysts and developers to graphically model and implement complex processes that are compliant with the Physhun framework.

JXBeans Editor - JXBeans is an XML processing framework that was evolved by Wazee Group team members during an engagement in early 2002. This technology allows developers to develop xml based processes very rapidly. Wazee Group has developed a graphical based editor that is used for rapid development of JXBeans processes.

xBroker Architecture - xBroker is a reusable Web Services architecture that has been successfully deployed in several production environments.  The architecture is scalable and flexible, and can be deployed on any J2EE application server.

Integration Utilities - Wazee Group has developed several frameworks and utilities for integrating disparate systems, including databases, messaging systems and Web Services.

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