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The Team: Our core team
Wazee Group's Principals provide business stewardship through decades of combined experience directly relevant to their organization's system integration and process automation focus.  In addition to deep system integration experience, their career experience includes software development and delivery, corporate sales project management and business process consulting.
Principal Wazee Group Members:

Jim Ladd - Founder
Throughout his career, Jim has successfully leveraged information technology advances to maximize project returns.  Jim initiated his career after obtaining undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Texas and Carnegie-Mellon.  Key to his success has been deep technical experience that includes over 19 years of object oriented software development on large scale systems, and a proven ability in managing staff, the development process, and related budgets to ensure high ROI.

Justin McCarter - Senior Consultant
Justin possesses ten years of object oriented software development and consulting experience. After completing his Masters of Science in Inorganic (Computational) Chemistry at the University of California, Justin embarked on an IT consulting career beginning with Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting). While continuing his consulting career with Wazee, Justin led the development of Wazee Group's Legacy Navigator commercial software product as well as Physhun, the open source Finite State Machine framework sponsored by Wazee Group. During the last several years, Justin has accrued extensive experience with systems integration, J2SE and J2EE architectures.

Travis Alvey - Senior Consultant
Travis has been leading application and integration projects for several years. He has in-depth knowledge and experice with numerous application servers and integration platforms. Since receving his degree from the University of Colorado, Travis has design, developed, and deployed IT solutions for the telecommunications, commerce products, and manufacturing industries.

Michael DeLuisi - Consultant
Michael has lead several projects to successul deployments over the last eight years. He received an undergraduate degree (Computer Science major with a minor in Mathmatics) from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Mike has worked in the the communications and manufacturing industries. Mike has deep experience with both .Net and Java-based technologies.

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