Wazee Group Extends Web Services Platform To IVR Technology for Broadband Client


DENVER, CO. (January 10, 2002)- - Denver-based information technology (IT) consulting firm Wazee Group is adding integrated voice response (IVR) technology to the existing web services platform developed for a broadband industry client.  The integrated solution will enable a greater level of customer self service through a common interface - - the telephone.  It will enable customers to more quickly and easily verify and pay bills, check product availability, communicate service issues, and schedule/reschedule service installations.  "We are enthusiastic about continuing to assist our client in improving their business by effectively leveraging technology to reduce cost and improve their customer's experience" said John Dapper, Wazee Group Principal.


The integration platform, developed by Wazee Group, incorporates a web services integration approach with an XML-based enterprise API and common integration gateway to organize the multiple system interactions required to support a variety of customer support tasks.  The platform has been successfully running in the client's production environment since March 2002.    


About Wazee Group

Wazee Group is a professional services organization focused on technology solutions supporting systems integration and process automation.  Our highly experienced personnel have extensive experience in building enterprise-level applications that strategically unite disparate systems in a manner that provides significant project investment returns, promotes data integrity, and ensures flexibility to accommodate inevitable future business change.  More information can be found at