Wazee Group Delivers XML Transaction Monitoring System


Boulder, CO. (March 8, 2006)- - Boulder-based information technology (IT) consulting firm, Wazee Group delivers a custom XML transaction monitoring system for a leading satellite broadband service provider. This system monitors XML transactions between internal applications and inbound traffic from business partners. Both performance and completeness of the transactions are monitored. When a transaction fails, the system alerts a human operator and allows the operator to make any required changes and resubmit the request. The immediate benefit is higher customer and business partner satisfaction by greatly reducing the impact and duration of unsuccessful transactions. 


About Wazee Group

Wazee Group is a professional services organization focused on technology solutions supporting systems integration and process automation.  Our highly experienced personnel have extensive experience in building enterprise-level applications that strategically unite disparate systems in a manner that provides significant project investment returns, promotes data integrity, and ensures flexibility to accommodate inevitable future business change.  More information can be found at