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About Wazee Group: What we do & why we.re different
One of the strengths of Wazee Group is the suite of tools that we bring to engagements.  While most of our tools are only available to our clients, the following are available as commercial products.
Legacy Navigator™
WinApp Navigator™
Rebate Forecasting & Management
Most enterprises have existing legacy systems that contain important business data, logic, or both.  One of the most common obstacles to developing an integrated enterprise is that interfacing with these legacy systems can be difficult.  Often, these legacy systems do not have a programming interface (API) or other easily accessible integration interface.  An obvious interface into these systems is the original user interface. Unfortunately, manually writing code to interface with these systems is cumbersome, tedious and fragile.

Legacy Navigator enables development of robust, flexible integrations to terminal based legacy systems through the original user interface. It consists of a graphical development and maintenance environment and runtime libraries.  It is a powerful utility that can be used to automate integrations with terminal based applications in order to connect them into larger, integrated systems.  Additionally, Legacy Navigator can be leveraged to turn existing legacy systems into Web Services, add modern user interfaces to legacy systems and otherwise extend the lifetime and usefulness of existing legacy systems quickly, easily and at a low cost.

View the Legacy Navigator Data Sheet
    165kb pdf

Features and Benefits:

  • Graphical editor allows complex processes to be modeled and viewed as easy to understand diagrams.
  • Automates interaction with terminal based applications
  • Communicates with TN3270, TN5250 and Telnet
  • Development process is straightforward, fast and efficient
  • Runtime is lightweight and fast.
  • Enables integration of legacy systems into modern, integrated systems without loss or re-development of business rules & data contained in legacy systems

Legacy Navigator was developed by Wazee Group, and is sold by Red Oak Software.  For pricing and availability, please contact Red Oak Software.

WinApp Navigator is a graphical development and maintenance environment for complex integrations with Windows applications. WinApp Navigator is a powerful utility that can be used to automate human user tasks within Windows applications in order to join them into larger, integrated systems. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry - In scenarios where identical data is entered into multiple applications, time, effort and errors can be reduced by automating data entry to windows applications.
  • Automate data retrieval
  • Automate data entry
  • Integrate standalone Windows applications into enterprise systems
  • Development process is straightforward, fast and efficient
  • Runtime is lightweight and fast.

Industry Week - Boldly Automating Where No Automation Has Gone Before
This article on IndustryWeek.com describes how Wazee Group used their WinApp Navigator product to dramaticaly increase a client's factory productivity.

White Paper - Making Personal Health Records Personal
This paper describes the intense tug-o-war between the federal government, large corporations, and patients over personal health records. Part of this discussion is how a Wazee Group client is using the WinApp Navigator to autonomously provide health records to patients of a Colorado-based clinic.

View the WinApp Navigator Data Sheet
    165kb pdf

For pricing and more information, please contact Wazee Group.

Wazee Group has developed the Rebate Forecasting & Management (RFM) tool that allows companies to easily and accurately manage their rebate programs. This software increases the accuracy of the forecasts, simplifies the data entry tasks, and offers greater insight into the rebate domain. This system allows:
  • Greater forecast accuracy. By capturing the contracts and the underlying pricing rules, the system performs calculations on the building and products/services data to produce precise forecasts.
  • Increased productivity. The system guides the users through the necessary steps to create and maintain the business data. It also minimizes the steps that require human interaction.
  • Consolidated business data. The system supports the activities for the forecasting of rebates, invoicing of rebates, and receiving of payments for the invoices. By supporting the major activities, the business data may be consolidated and interlinked.
  • Diverse and unique insights. The system supports multiple and diverse reports that increase the understanding of the rebate program and, ultimately leads to increased profits.

View the Rebate Forecasting and Management Data Sheet
    4250kb pdf

For pricing and availability, please contact Wazee Group.

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